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Aftercare & Support

What happens once my system is installed?

Solar Thermal:
Eternal Energy Systems will schedule a future service to meet manufacturers guidelines which will include a check that all the components remain secure and sound. Every 5 years the system needs to be drained and refilled with new antifreeze solution – taking approximately 2 hours.

PV Solar Electric:
PV systems require very little maintenance if installed correctly. Eternal Energy Systems like to stay in contact with all our clients and record output data from their systems which helps us trouble-shoot any issues and identify problems early on if they arise. We recommend a complete system check every 5 years.

Air Source Heat Pumps:
These systems require an annual service, and our database will prompt us to call and make a convenient appointment.

Third Party renewable energy systems: Many householders rely on Eternal Energy Systems to maintain their solar installations no longer having access to the original installer. We welcome these clients and offer to maintain the equipment throughout its service life.