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What happens when I decide to get my FREE quote?

Please email us at info@eternalenergysystems.co.uk and we will send you a simple form to fill out (or you can download the forms at the bottom of this page). Alternatively contact Eternal Energy Systems by telephone to make your survey appointment. Quotes and surveys are made at no cost and are obligation free.

As part of the survey we can also offer practical advice on how to reduce energy consumption to lower your bills and save you money. A survey will usually take around 1 hour and includes a detailed analysis of your roof structure, plumbing and electrical systems, shading issues and possible cable and/or pipe run locations. During the survey we will identify exactly where the major components of your system could be sited, followed by as much discussion and information about our systems as you would like including an explanation of all the benefits that an Eternal Energy Systems installation will provide for you and your home or business.

From the information gathered from the questionnaire and survey we compile a written quotation. We discuss our recommendation with you during the visit and the quote package will follow by post. This will detail how the system is designed, the components, any structural or shading issues identified and a forecast of financial performance of your system. We are always happy to discuss any aspect of our quotes by phone if you require any further information.

When you have made your decision just give Eternal Energy Systems your instruction and we will confirm the price and agree a convenient date for the installation.

• Download quote forms here:

Solar Electric PV quote form: click here (pdf)
Solar Hot Water quote form: click here (pdf)