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Air Source Heat Pump

Eternal Energy Systems install Air Source Heat Pumps (ASHP) from a number of manufacturers, notably Dimplex & Daikin. ASHP are a good substitute for oil and gas fired boilers and the government have included these systems within the Renewable Heat Incentive Scheme (RHI). They recieve 7.3p/kWh of renewable heat generated with quarterly payments made across 7 years. The payments are index linked and will rise each year in line with inflation.

ASHP will replace the standard boiler system and provide space heating and hot water for the house. The key features of the ASHP include high efficiency levels; from 1kW of energy used to power the heat pump compressor between 3 to 4kW of heating energy is is produced. This is around 300-400% efficiency. The maximum water flow temperature is 65°C, which protects from burns and damage to insulation. This also allows the system to work well with underfloor heating as it will not provide excessive heat to the floor surface, and will maintain a more useful temperature. The one controller integrates  both space heating and hot water heating, to allow for an easy to use interface. The heat pump will be installed outside, reducing the amount of space needed inside the house. It also does not disrupt as it produces minimal noise and has variable speed function for its fan.


Eternal Energy Systems will take you through the process from survey, design and quote to Green Deal Assessment, calculation, installation and aftercare. We will arrange a free survey after inquiry,  and will provide you with all the information available to you for options and best avenues to make the most out of the systems available. The calculations and assessments will be arranged to continue the process of scaling the system to the house in question. We want to make sure that you have as much information and knowledge to allow you to make your choice so please contact us with any question you have and we will answer them.