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Solar Hot Water

• Solar thermal systems work by harnessing the sun’s energy to heat water. This is stored in your hot water cylinder or used straight from the taps. A well designed system can reduce your domestic hot water bill by 50% each year.

We install both types of solar thermal system – evacuated tubes and flat plate. Evacuated tubes are more efficient, requiring less roof space to capture the same amount of heat. Flat plate systems are more common in new-build (where they can be intergrated with the roof) or commercial installations. We can advise which system is most suitable for your building or project and discuss the installation options to suit your location.

We usually install the Thermomax DF100 or HP200 solar vacuum tube collectors manufactured by Kingspan. In our opinion they are the best quality available. We also install the new Varisol modular tubes which allow us to tailor the size of an array exactly to a particular roof area.

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