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Installation Guide

• Installation of your system is usually quick and requires minimal disruption to your routine.

Solar Hot Water:
Your system will usually be installed over 2 days. The solar panel and special twin-coil water cylinder are installed on day 1, followed by the internal plumbing, wiring, testing and commissioning on day 2. The solar twin-coil cylinder will be the same size or slightly larger in dimensions and capacity as your conventional hot water tank. After installation, a full tour of the components, operation manuals, warranty and maintenance issues are provided.

Solar PV:
The system will usually be installed in 2 days depending on size and location. The roofing work is started on day 1 after the scaffold has been put up. Brackets and rails for the panels being mounted first, followed by the PV panels themselves. Each panel is individually tested and the output recorded before being fitted to the roof rails. The internal wiring is usually carried out simultaneously, with any necessary upgrades, cable runs, the inverter, isolators and meter all fitted with as little disruption as possible. After the system is commissioned, a full walk-through of the various components is given, along with the installation manuals, warranties and maintenance requirements. All the details of registering for the tariff are also finalised.

Air Source Heat Pumps:
The system is designed to dovetail with the existing heat distribution within the home, but will often require an upgrade to the hot water cylinder and radiators. The outdoor fan unit requires a concrete base with heat circulation via pipes entering the property to reach the existing infrastructure. Each individual installation and its schedule will be defined at the point of order.