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What Our Customers Say



Just a few lines to thank you for the excellent installation and follow up service that you have provided in relation to the solar panels. As you know I had previously suffered at the hands of another solar heating service company and I am now so pleased that we made contact with you for our installation.

The advice you were able to give us regarding the different types of panels and their expected performance lead us to purchase the highest cost units, something I don’t normally do, but I have no regrets having seen the return that the units are achieving. The actual installation and control systems are all working as they should do and I am only too pleased to take friends and family members up into the loft to show them the neat pipes and control valves that you installed.

Kind regards
Mike Blundy


Thank you for your recent call along with the explanation regarding our solar system performance. It is good to know that our system is achieving good results in comparison to others. I am pleased with the whole experience and happy to provide Eternal Energy Systems with a reference as follows:
Our solar water heating system was installed in December last year and the hot water cylinder was exchanged for a solar twin coil cylinder by our local plumber, Ross McConchie, with the minimum fuss and disruption within the house.
Eternal Energy Systems arrived with the solar system and over two days completed the installation of the evacuated tube panel and connecting the pipework and fittings to the new cylinder.The pump and other parts were all installed discreetly but accessibly in the airing cupboard and roof space. We were very impressed with the tidiness and efficiency of the installers and with the final appearance of the whole system. One would hardly notice the system at all but for the panel on the roof which my husband and I believe enhances the look of our converted stable cottage.

Since then we have enjoyed solar heated water every day and during March and April to date with the glorious weather, we have hardly switched on our boiler to heat water. The system controller displays all the information about the temperature of the panel and the hot water in the cylinder and we know that the system has operated for 112 hours since December and generated 194 kilowatt hours of energy in that same period.
We record the system performance on a weekly basis and forward the results once a month to Eternal Energy Systems and they monitor the performance too. We have been very satisfied with the installation of the solar system and have certainly made good savings on our hot water bill. We wish we had gone in for this system much earlier but can already see how efficient the system is and how much we will save over the 30 year life of the Thermomax panel.
I do hope this information is suitable and that the letter will help you grow your business and encourage other people to consider the benefits of solar. Not just for financial reasons but for the environment too.

Yours Sincerely,
Myra and Peter D


Because of the continuing increase in my domestic utility bills I decided to install solar hot water heating. I was recommended to meet Eternal Energy Systems by a solar supplier following research on the internet. Bruce from Eternal Energy visited my house and completed a thorough survey of the home and existing heating system. He explained in detail how the system would be installed, what the benefits would be, the costs involved and how to access the government grant scheme.

In turn I requested that I wanted the pipes/ cylinder/controls fitted in precise locations to minimise the impact on rooms within my home which has had a loft conversion and therefore limited space. All was agreed and the system was installed without any problems on time and on budget and I duly received the grant rebate cheque. I believe I received great value for money and am seeing real savings in fuel use and cost.

The solar system was commissioned in November 2006 and I was immediately impressed with the amount of hot water the Thermomax 30 tube solar panel produced. Since April this year the hot water has consistently reached 60 degrees C and Eternal Energy had installed a huge cylinder with a capacity of 290 litres.

I would recommend Eternal Energy without reservation.



I am delighted to endorse both the workmanship and the solar installation which was completed during Christmas week 2006. In order to embark on a more carbon free journey I obtained quotes and information from 3 sources before I made my decision. It is unusual to find integrity, honesty, excellent workmanship and a really competitive price all in one package but this has been my experience of Eternal Energy Systems.
The low carbon energy trust information was initially helpful in pointing the way on a range of changes I need to make to get to this point plus identifying a reliable installer. The information on which I was able to base my decision was very detailed and comprehensive and was not just about making a sale which had been my previous experiences.
The installation was carried out with minimum fuss and disruption within the agreed time frame and the follow up has been excellent. In relation to the impact of the system, I have been using only solar for hot water for several weeks now and we have modified the way we do things to maximise the benefits. We have sufficient hot water to meet all our daily needs and my last electricity bill for the last quarter was zero and my gas bill has fallen. Compared to the time frame over winter last year and taking into account the rising prices in gas and electricity there is a 25% reduction in my gas fuel/price consumption and 40% for electricity which is a reflection of the combined measures of the solar system, low energy light bulbs, loft and cavity wall insulation and a ceramic induction hob for cooking etc, etc.
My advice to anyone considering this option is research it carefully, find out as much information as possible and ensure that you use an installer that gives a really comprehensive overall service which is seamless in its approach such as Eternal Energy Systems.

Elizabeth Robinson


I am writing to you to let you know how impressed I am with the Eternal Energy Systems solar system that you have installed. The products and craftsmanship were of a high standard.
Your work on the installation of the replacement solar system was completed as per specification and to our satisfaction. Since your installation was installed in April we have only used the boiler twice to supplement the hot water.
The back up service that you have since provided to ensure that the system is performing as per specifications has been exemplary.
Thank you for providing such a first-rate high quality service at such a reasonable price.
With Regards
Peter and Celia


Following your installation of a solar panel at our home I am pleased to offer you the following as a testimonial for you to use as you wish:-
You and your staff were professional, efficient and polite. We are already able to leave the boiler off and enjoy hot water without harming the environment or our pocket. We are really pleased with the installation and I am recommending you to all my clients, friends and family.
Michael Diamond, London SE12


Bruce Davis installed our solar hot water system in March and we have been amazed at its success and the amount of hot water available, even on dull days. We turned the boiler off after a week and have never looked back!
Bruce is a very knowledgeable, conscientious and efficient professional, whose work and after care are of a high standard. Nothing is ever too much trouble for him, and it is very reassuring to know that he is at the end of the phone if we have any queries. I would be very happy to talk to anyone thinking of installing a system about our experience.You and your staff were professional, efficient and polite.
We are already able to leave the boiler off and enjoy hot water without harming the environment or our pocket. We are really pleased with the installation and I am recommending you to all my clients, friends and family.
Mr and Mrs W, Cranbrook area, West Kent